Vocals for Refugees | Gemeinsam für die Integration von Flüchtlingen
Gemeinsam für die Integration von Flüchtlingen – VOCALS FOR REFUGEES ist ein Projekt, das sich mit der einzigen Sprache der Welt beschäftigt, die alle Kulturen und Menschen eint: der Musik. Gelebte Integration und vereinendes Erlebnis: die Stationen des Projektes sind so vielfältig, wie die Menschen, die daran teilnehmen.
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United in intergrating refugees-VOCALS FOR REFUGEES- is a project embracing the universal language that overcomes all cultural barriers and has the power to connect every single one of us: the language of music. The path this project is taking is as versatile as the people involved, Turning real life intergration into a rewarding and unifying experience.

VFR Cooperation

With his song “Unter uns der Himmel” the singer Adesse from Berlin supports this project. The song from his album “Fechnerstraße” is a song full of hope and confidence. It is supposed to motivate and inspire people. The debut album “Fechnerstraße” was recorded in spring 2016: “It is the name of the street, where I grew up, and where my mother still lives today”, Adesse explains. The Berlin artist is son of a German doctor and an architect from Guinea-Bissau.

Think Big!

VOCALS FOR REFUGEES thinks big, cross-cultural and borderless. We, as initiators, wish to send out a positive signal by saying: “Germany welcomes people of all cultures with open arms.” Our hope is to acheive hightened emotional awareness and raise the bar to sensitize the community to the topic of immigration. VOCALS FOR REFUGEES is a musical project acting locally yet gaining recognition nationally and beyond.


The Beechwood Music School in Buchholz already kicked off the intergrative Misic Camp for young refugees aged twelve to seventeen years old.Since then, the group has been extended to futher include other young musically like-minded kids without a refugee background. What the camp offers is what works best to create a connection, which is to make music together. It allows cultural barries to be dismantled, leading to a common ground based on understanding and acceptance.


The project will culminate in the production of a music video in collaboration with the German recording artist Adesse. We are very grateful for his kind support! The artist from Berlin features this project with his song ``Unter uns der Himmel``.


We want YOU for the music video and the best thing is: joining in is easy and free! Just click on the link below, enter your deets in the application form and become part of the movement! For any other questions don't hesitate to send an email to singmit@vocalsforrefugees.de